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Amazon Seller Account Suspension Appeal

Experiencing an Amazon seller account deactivation or suspension? Begin your journey to reinstatement here. Our attorney-supervised service provides expert guidance on the Amazon appeal process. We assist you in crafting an effective Amazon Suspension Prevention Letter and a robust Amazon Plan of Action. We ensure success through unlimited revisions, and if necessary, escalate your case to Amazon’s attorneys. Empower yourself to reactivate your Amazon account today.

  1. Policy Violations – Product safety (including used products, expired product) complaints, Product description differences, Prohibited items
  2. Poor Account Health Status – High Oder Defect, Late dispatch and Pre-fulfilment rates, confirmation of orders before dispatch
  3. Inauthenticity of products – Inauthentic item complaint from customers
  4. Related Accounts – Situation where one seller has (accidentally got) more than one account
  5. Copyright infringement of products – Intellectual property right from another seller

Working with suspensions in all the above-listed areas, we are able to appeal in the exact fashion required by the seller performance team. They also understand that mistakes do happen, and we shall help you resolve them so that you are reinstated successfully. Contact us now for the assistance with the Amazon seller appeal process. Our team of professionals can guide you through the process of drafting an effective appeal letter, submitting an Amazon Plan of Action, and addressing the root cause of your suspension. We have a proven track record of winning Amazon appeals for our clients.

Who is our suspended seller account appeal service for?

Our expert team of appeal specialists can help you with a range of account suspensions:

Trademark and Patent Violation

Intellectual property

Counterfeit item

Inauthentic item

Unsafe products

Expired products

Product safety complaints

Listing does not match the detail page

Used item sold as new

Vendor Seller Central suspension

Selling prohibited Items

Confirm orders prior to actual shipment of the item

Review manipulation

ASIN variations misuse

Tax identity

Invoice manipulation

Related account suspension

Amazon Suspension Appeal Service,
Bespoke Plan of Action

Considering numerous challenges and bottlenecks faced as a seller on Marketplace, nothing can be better than having a partner who can help you out successfully in such situations. We work as a team with you to give your seller account occupancy stability and growth through our services such as Suspension appeal, sales boost, account health maintenance and many more. Our expert crew has gained significant experience in selling on Amazon and can help you through any problems you face. So join up with us for a better and more efficacious journey as a seller!

72 Hr Service

Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

£395 +vat

Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

Free Consultation
Email / Phone Support

360 Suspension Prevention

All Year Round Suspension Prevention Service

£69.95 (Basic)10 ASIN appeals

£99.95 (Advance) 20 ASIN appeals

£179.95 (Unlimited)ASIN appeals

Unlimited Seller Account Suspension Appeal
All Year Account Health Prevention & Protection
Appeal Letter and Plan of Action
12 Months Contract
For 1 Account
Free Consultation
Email / Phone Support

24 Hr Service

Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

£695 +vat

Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

Free Consultation
Email / Phone Support
Expedited Service